We are excited to invite you to apply for NextFarm™, a startup business accelerator focused on agricultural innovation.

The NextFarm™ Agricultural Innovation Accelerator is a cohort-based process that leverages the advantages of learning in a group setting. Entrepreneurs will be coached by mentors with several years of experience in entrepreneurship, farming and commercialization of technologies. Program staff and mentors will work with prospective entrepreneurs on refining business ideas and strategic planning, commercializing technology and taking products and services to the marketplace.

In addition, the program will identify technology at the region’s universities that could be brought into the accelerator and commercialized in Northwest Tennessee.

NextFarm™ is set to return early winter 2016. Participants will include entrepreneurs with new ideas in the startup mode, as well as existing companies that are working on developing a new technology or innovation.

The accelerator will include entrepreneurs commercializing a wide range of agriculture-related technologies, including biobased products, food processing and safety, precision agriculture and software, smart phone/tablet apps, livestock reproduction and nutrition, identity preservation and new crops. Once accepted into the program, candidates will participate in a rigorous 90-day weekend "boot camp" process that will take their ideas and turn them into a fundable businesses.